Customer Setup

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The Customer Setup screen allows you to easily map your customers in QuickBooks to customers in GovBooks. You will need to complete this step before you can set up Contracts or Projects in GovBooks. A strict and logical hierarchy is enforced in GovBooks to ensure that your system is DCAA compliant. You can learn more about the hierarchy by reading the Contracts Overview.

how to create a Customer in QuickBooks

First, ensure that the customer is set up in QuickBooks and then perform a sync. This will bring into GovBooks all customers that you have set up in QuickBooks. GovBooks will only import the customer name from QuickBooks. Set up in QuickBooks will only require the entry of a customer name.

To create a customer in QuickBooks, open your QuickBooks software and click on the “Customer” menu item and add the customer by entering a Company Name and then click “Ok”. This is the only information you will need to enter in QuickBooks to be imported into GovBooks.

Quickbooks customers.PNG

how to map quickbooks customers

In GovBooks, you will map the QuickBooks Customer to the a GovBooks Customer. Open the GovBooks application. Click on “Contracts” and “Customer Setup”. In the Customer Name field, select any QuickBooks customer that has not already been assigned to a GovBooks Customer Name. You may need to sync QuickBooks to see new QuickBooks Customers in GovBooks. If you would like to change the Customer Name that appears in GovBooks, you may do so in QuickBooks and then re-sync QuickBooks to GovBooks.

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