Quickbooks for Government Contracting

We have developed a DCAA-compliant configuration of Quickbooks that provides you with a cost-effective yet robust solution for accounting for government contracts while meeting all of the requirements for cost-reimbursable contracts.  Our solution is tightly integrated with the highest-rated DCAA-compliant time and expense system, SpringAhead, and, an award-winning vendor management and accounts payable solution.

Why Use DCAA Compliant Quickbooks?

Tight Integration with Paperless Solutions

Go paperless!  We provide a total digital solution, whether you run Quickbooks on your local network or host Quickbooks in the cloud.  An efficient back office that deploys the latest integrated digital tools is key to competing in today's competitive government contracting environment.  Too often the back office lacks the infrastructure to keep pace with the growth demands and goals of the organization.  We can help you build an efficient back office that positions your company for accelerated growth.

Bid and Win More Government Contracts

When you bring your existing Quickbooks into compliance with DCAA standards, you will qualify to bid on more and larger federal contracts and even subcontracts with major prime contractors. Not being able to qualify to the exacting standards of the DCAA can knock you out of the competition, even when it is not a stated requirement in the RFP.  It's part of your "financial capabilities". Download our free webinar on how to upgrade to DCAA Compliant Quickbooks and stay in the game.

Easy to Use

More than likely, your current accountants are already using Quickbooks. In fact, millions of small businesses do.  The reason why is that it is so easy to use. Accountants can quickly learn and use the system proficiently. Upgrading to DCAA Compliant Quickbooks will be an easy step for your accountants.

Pass DCAA Audits

Depending on your contract type, you may be audited by DCAA every year, or on a spot-check basis.  Be prepared!  The penalty for a failed audit can include contract reimbursements, penalties and interest, loss of contracts, suspension and debarment from future contracts.

Avoid Expensive System Conversions

80% of system conversions fail, when changing from one accounting system to another. Budgets are blown. Staff is less productive and more frustrated. The system you are converting to fails to do all that it was promised. Small and emerging government contractors cannot afford the risk of a system conversion if it can be avoided. Rather than convert to a more expensive system, upgrade to DCAA Compliant Quickbooks.

Save Time and Money

Invest your capital in more productive areas; perhaps business development or technical research. Quickbooks is the No. 1 accounting solution for small business with hundreds of available add-on enhancements.  Avoid spending time and money on a more expensive and less capable system. 

No Costly Downtime

A system conversion can shut down your accounting department for months.  At a minimum, it can take months to get back up to speed. Can you really afford to delay customer billings, pay your loyal partners and vendors late, and perhaps even miss payroll?  This is your goodwill; your enterprise value; your business reputation. Avoid destroying your business reputation by avoiding a system conversion that runs amok! Upgrade to DCAA Compliant Quickbooks.

No Employee Retraining or Disruption

Chances are, your current employees already know Quickbooks, used by more accountants than any other system. On the other hand, more than likely, almost certainly, your employees do not know a single thing about that new system you may be considering. Consider the impact on your budget, as well as on your employee morale, when you are retraining and disrupting current workflows.

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