Managed Accounting Service

Govcon Accountants provides complete turn-key, all-inclusive, full-service DCAA-compliant managed accounting services to government contractors nationwide. If your goal is to have your accounting function professionally managed by an accounting firm with deep expertise in DCAA  compliance, you will be interested in our Managed Accounting Service. In this case, you are interested in leveraging your core business capabilities by outsourcing administrative accounting functions to free up more time to pursue business growth. You are looking for a solution that will interface seamlessly with your company and quickly become part of your team.


DCAA Compliance

When your accounting system is DCAA-compliant, you will qualify to bid on more and larger federal contracts and even subcontracts with major prime contractors. We’ll bring your accounting system into compliance with DCAA requirements.



Customer billing, payroll, accounts payable, 1099s, timesheet management, accrual-based accounting, monthly closes, bank and credit card reconciliations, expense report processing, financial reporting, DCAA audits, incurred cost submissions, provisional billing rates.

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cost savings

Due to efficiencies that we bring to the relationship, our cost will be less than what you will pay to hire, train and supervise in-house accounting staff of comparable experience and skill set. Our monthly fee is easy on your cash flow and is based on one percent of your revenue.

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